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Balancing valves are used where
- Jan 23, 2017 -

1, boiler (or chiller) water flow balance
In the boiler room (or cold water room), the installation of several units in parallel, because the units have different resistance, caused by the unit's flow is inconsistent, the maximum output of the unit cannot be installed. At this time should be on each of the boiler (or chiller) balancing valve is installed so that each unit receives a design flow, ensure the safe and normal operation of each unit. Connection of chillers cooling towers, each cooling tower balance valve should be installed.
2, district heating pipe network water flow balance
Often water heating system consists of a boiler room in residential area (or thermal station) to a number of building heating. By mains, several dry-pipe and the main pipe and tubes connected to the building's entrance. Due to heat every building near and, if the lack of effective equipment to eliminate the loop remaining the head, flow distribution does not meet design requirements, overheating of proximal distal supercooling. Each dry pipe and the entrance of each building installation valve, ensure that the pipe and of the community balance in the flow of building.