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Decompression valve selection and use
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Pressure relief valve on a number of occasions the selected varieties and model are different. From the perspective of structure classification, which can be divided into 200X adjustable pressure relief valve, Y43H steam relief pressure valve, Y42X gas valve, pipe pressure reducing valve, and so on, different behavior in different type also determines the scope of application of the different. But when in the selection of the product, no matter where, are the selection methods and criteria. First, choose when you want to see whether the device has exceptions, such as obstruction, for those that are not standard pressure-relief devices, even under spring pressure level range adjustment of outlet pressure values are abnormal vibrations, or the phenomenon of blocking. Vacuum device especially designed for water pressure relief device is prone to problems is leaking, that device seal is bad, but don't count on any of the pressure-relief devices must be water leakage, sealing of vacuum equipment in general there are two types of material, a soft seal, a metal seal. For devices with metal seal is medium in the time allotted for any omissions, but this omission is also provided, generally cannot exceed the maximum flow rate of up to 0.5%, or as the device has a problem, but for soft sealing requirements are very stringent, omission is not allowed. Speaking from the device pressure problems, formal device valve pressure with pressure is not the same as before, General pressure valve after the will is relatively small, probably about 0.5 times as those in times.