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Performance and use of electric ball valve
- Apr 16, 2018 -

The electric ball valve is composed of an electric actuator and a ball valve together to form an electric ball valve. It is a kind of pipeline pressure element for industrial automation process control. It is usually used for remote opening and closing (switching on and off) control of pipeline media.

What is the basis of electric ball valve selection?

First, it is the control element. In the application of the fluid piping system, it is very extensive, and its use is also very wide. It has very good effects on control of flow, pressure, return flow, and so on. Because of the quality of the electric ball valve, it has a great influence on the safety of the pipeline. Therefore, when selecting the electric ball valve, it must be selected according to certain steps and criteria.

Second, define the size of your own company's pipeline, and know what kind of size and connection type of electric ball valve you need to choose.

Third, according to the needs of the pipeline, first determine some common parameters of the electric ball valve, such as the discharge capacity, allowable flow resistance, the size of the valve seat hole, etc., if these parameters are not selected, the effect of the electric ball valve control flow, Will be greatly reduced.

Fourth, according to the working temperature of the pipeline, select the appropriate material, of course, the working pressure of the pipeline should also be considered.

In addition, we must also remind you that do not rush to select products, we must first understand what is currently popular electric ball valve products, how is the performance, and understand these best methods is to contact a number of manufacturers of electric ball valve, let them Provide product catalogs, styles, etc., shop around, in order to choose the most cost-effective products.