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Valve industry out of the country is the inevitable choice
- Jan 23, 2017 -

From the current development, we have turned to the effective integration of international and domestic resources, cultivate new advantages for participating in and leading the international economic cooperation and competition. Especially with the national "along the way" a new opening to the implementation of the strategy, greater participation in international economic and trade rules, fighting for power in the system of global economic governance to better safeguard national interests. Shanghai well-known valve company valve head of Ming considered national strategies for enterprises to combine, to area all the way around the infrastructure interconnection in the implementation of major strategies such as international infrastructure, closely integrated with the equipment advantages and productivity go up, works with industry to accelerate going.
Countries along the way for the developing countries, mainly in agricultural production in some countries, industrialization and urbanization are in the start-up or development stages, materials such as steel, building materials, water pumps, valves products demand prospects. My industry is large in scale, most products have a strong international competitiveness (2014 exports 93.78 million tons of steel in China), targeted capacity cooperation with selected focus areas in these countries.