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Valve maintenance can greatly reduce the incidence of failure
- Jan 23, 2017 -

1. before using, wash with water pipes and valve body flow in case of residual iron filings and other debris into the body cavity.
2. ball valve in the closed position, the body remains as part of the media, are also under pressure. Before the repair stainless steel ball valve, turn off the
Ball valve shut off valve, open the ball valve that needs repair, fully release the pressure in the valve body. If it is electric or pneumatic ball valve ball valve, you should first
First disconnect the power supply and gas source.
3. General soft seated ball valve with PTFE (PTFE) sealing material, hard seal ball valve sealing surface for the heap of metal welded together. Need to pipeline ball valve
Cleaning caution to prevent damage when removing seals leaking.
4. when flanged ball valve disassembly, flange bolts and nuts should be fixed, and all nuts tight, finally I'm fixed. First individual screw
Mother forced a good fixing nut, flange surface due to unevenness in between damage or rupture, rendering the valve flange connection
Quality compromised.