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Structure characteristics and performance parameters of water supply rotary control valve
- Mar 16, 2018 -

The water supply rotary control valve is suitable for the medium and low pressure boiler water supply pipeline and the high pressure heater water drain pipe. The area of the window formed by rotating the cylindrical valve flap and the valve seat is changed, thereby realizing the purpose of regulating the flow. The rotary angle of the control valve is 60°, which is indicated by the opening degree indicating plate above the regulating valve. The control valve can be equipped with electric actuators for remote automation.


The main structural features of water supply rotary valve products include:

1, main components are valve body, disc, seat, stem, cover, indicator board etc;

2, the valve flow adjustment is achieved by the relative rotation of cylindrical disc and valve seat to change the window area above disc;

3, the valve's switching range. Indicated by the opening indicator plate above the valve, the indicated switch range is consistent with the valve switching range;

4. The rotary control valve is operated by a remote controller with a rotation angle of 60°C.


Storage installation notes:

1. The valve should be stored in a dry room; the ends of the passage must be blocked.

2. Long-term storage of the regulating valve should be regularly checked to clean, in all parts of the movement and processing should be painted with anti-rust oil, to prevent rust.

3. This valve should be installed on a horizontal pipeline and must be installed vertically. Stem upwards.

4. It must be installed according to the flow direction of the media indicated by the arrow in the figure.