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What how much prospect for stainless steel valves
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Stainless steel valves are often used to work medium is corrosive, corrosive media, foods, medicines, chemical products such as oil, liquid metal and radioactive medium, any kind of valve materials in these areas, medium corrosion resistance ability is relatively limited, and is affected by many factors. If used in the manufacturing process of proper processing and heat treatment, so as to guarantee that the corrosion resistance of the material. At concentrations of >98% in nitric acid medium, no matter what kind of heat treatment process, these steels have corrosion performance. Therefore, in the selection according to the nature of the medium ball valves, gate, globe and check valves, valve material, must look into media concentration, temperature and the influence of heat treatment process on corrosion resistance to select better materials such as steel 316L, 904, or titanium valves.
With petrochemical industrial technology and scale of constantly development, on petrochemical with stainless steel valve of requirements increasingly high, except continues to improve general valve of quality as J41W stainless steel as valve, and Z41W stainless steel gate,, especially on corrosion sex material of Q41F stainless steel ball valve need volume increasingly big, as vinyl production in the of vinyl cracking device, and polyethylene device and polypropylene device, chemical fiber production in the of PTA device (fine Terephthalic acid), and polyester device and polyester spinning device,, Corrosion resistance to efforts to develop technologies, 316L stainless steel valves are resistant to corrosion, high strength, light weight, long service life and excellent features.