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Casting Price Adjustment
- Mar 07, 2018 -

At present, the foundry industry encountered unprecedented and enormous challenges, various raw materials prices continue to increase. Price of iron, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, sodium silicate rises for more than 100%. Price of quartz sand, carbon dioxide, oxygen electrode, acetylene gas rises more than 40%. Workers' wages rise by 15% - 20%.


The environmental protection, taxation and related departments have tightened the control of the casting enterprises, resulting in more than 300% increase in the management cost, financial cost and tax cost.


Now the foundry enterprises have been producing at a loss, which will not survive for a long time, and will eventually implicated the valve processing enterprise and the whole valve industry.


For the survival of the enterprise and the healthy development of the valve industry, the following adjustment of the casting price shall be made as of March 1, 2018:

  1.        The price will be raised by RMB 1,000 each ton of castings on the basis of the original price.

  2.        Use cash transactions, credit will no longer be accepted.