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Electric Flange Ball Valve Installation Instructions
- Jul 17, 2017 -

The operating principle of the electric flange ball valve is driven by the power supply, rotating the stem to achieve the opening and closing of the valve, with the switch light, small size, reliable sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance and other characteristics, due to electric flange ball valve sealing surface and spherical Often in the closed state, not easily eroded by the media, in various industries have been widely used. The correct installation of the electric ball valve is related to the operating conditions of the working conditions, and the use of the process of security, the user should understand the use of this description.

First, the preparation before installation

1, electric flange ball valve before and after the pipeline is ready. Before and after the pipeline should be coaxial, two flange sealing surface should be parallel. Pipes should be able to withstand the weight of the ball valve, otherwise the pipe must be equipped with appropriate support.

2, the valve before and after the pipeline clean, remove the tube with the oil, welding slag and all other impurities.

3, check the ball valve logo, identify the ball valve intact. The valve fully open all closed several times, confirmed that its work is normal.

Second, the electric flange ball valve installation methods and steps

1, remove the flange on both sides of the protective cover, the valve is fully open in the state of cleaning and cleaning.

2, check the valve hole, and then clean the valve hole. Rinse and remove all accumulated impurities in the pipe (these substances may damage the seat and the ball).

3, during installation, please do not use the valve stem or handle (hand wheel) part of the fork as a fulcrum to avoid collapses and other accidents.

4, the valve installed on the pipeline. This type of valve can be placed in any position and direction of the pipe. The two heads are first fixed on a flange piece, and then between the two flange disc with a flange gasket, fixed

5, the installation point near the pipeline can not be low or bear the phenomenon of external force, you can use the pipe support or support to clear the pipeline deviation.

6, and finally bolted the two flanges on the flange hole tension to make it close together. (Some pipe or pipe fittings, already comes with a flange.)

Third, the operation and use of electric flange ball valve

1, before operation to confirm the pipeline and the valve has been washed clean.

2, the valve operation by the rotary stem (manual or automatic control) to complete: clockwise rotation of 1/4 (90 & deg;), the valve off. When the reverse rotation is 1/4 turn (90 & deg), the valve opens.

3, when the handle or stem at the top of the groove direction parallel to the pipeline, the valve is open.

4, the torque of the stem will be different according to the following factors: the length of the valve switch, the pipeline system media, pipe pressure and the type of seat and so on.