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Electric V-type Adjustment Ball Valve Works
- Jul 17, 2017 -

Electric V-shaped ball valve with a special shape of the V-shaped incision, when the valve is closed, V-shaped incision and the valve seat to form a wedge, with shear effect. Electric V-type ball valve for fiber slurry, sewage and viscous granular media control, to prevent the ball and the seat between the dirt generated stuck phenomenon, with self-cleaning function, is a versatile valve.

Electric V-type ball valve in the course of the ball rotation, the ball V-shaped blade and the valve seat tangent to cut off the fluid in the fiber and solid material, and the general ball valve does not have this function, it is easy to lead off when the fiber impurities , To the maintenance and maintenance of great inconvenience. And the electric V-type ball valve is not stuck by the fiber stuck, and according to the V-notch opening area changes in the flow of the pipeline to adjust the size of the flow control.

Note: Because the electric V-type ball valve is generally single-seat sealed ball valve, it is not suitable for two-way use, the use of the overall body structure, there is no potential for potential leakage.

Electric V-type ball valve features:

1, compact structure, small size, can be installed vertically, etc., the use of movable metal seat, self-compensation function, and has excellent sealing performance and long service life.

2, electric V-type ball valve with dual bearing structure, mechanical stability and high starting torque is small, to ensure that the valve has excellent sensitivity and induction speed.

3, the maximum reliability (safety): the valve body as a whole, durable, operating from the pipeline pressure, and to avoid leakage of the valve body.

4, electric V-shaped ball valve V-shaped gap and the valve seat to produce a strong shear force can cut off the fiber and other impurities, and has a self-cleaning function to avoid the phenomenon of valve stuck.

5, the maximum flow volume: As the electric V-ball valve streamlined shape and full-angle rotation control reasons, so that the maximum volume is particularly high, particularly large circulation capacity, flow resistance is small.