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Exports Of Chinese Valve Products Are Increasing Year By Year
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Relevant statistics show that in recent years, the total output value of China's valve exports has gradually increased. Proceeding from national conditions of China, in order to ensure energy security, optimize energy structure, and support sustainable development of the national economy, we need urgently to proceed. China has formulated policies based on thermal power, vigorously developing hydropower, and appropriately developing new energy sources, such as nuclear power and Wind power and so on. The construction of nuclear power in China is undergoing trial and compensation adjustments to strategic and aggressive development. This is an excellent development opportunity for China's nuclear power business, and the huge demand for nuclear power station valves has brought a broad market prospect for domestic and foreign valve manufacturers.

After 40 years of development in the machinery industry, valve products have been expanded to 2000 categories, with more than 30,000 specifications, and the domestic market share has reached more than 35%.

According to statistics from relevant foreign departments, the output value of the valves in these countries exceeds the sum of the output values of compressors, fans, and pumps, and accounts for about 5% of the total output value of the entire machinery industry. A phenomenon in these countries is even more intriguing: In recent years, more and more valve products from China have appeared on the international valve market, but the right to speak in the international valve market is not Chinese companies. It is still the role of migrant workers. The necessary castings, forgings, welding, electroplating, pickling, etc. in production affect the environment and have a large investment in environmental protection. So in recent years, developed countries have moved labor-intensive valve production, especially general valves, to developing countries, China for example. They usually purchase valve products that meet the standard requirements from developing countries, and then sell them to developing countries and developed countries. Or it is a wholly-owned or joint-venture enterprise in a developing country, and the product is sold back. Realistically speaking, in the industrial transfer in this developed country, China's valve companies still get many benefits. Many companies have achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification and API certification, and some companies have also achieved CE certification of the European Union. At the same time, many of China's valve companies have been able to fully produce API standard gate valves, globe valves, check valves, stainless steel ball valves and other products. The quality of products can fully meet the ISO5208:1993 inspection standards.

As a result, export of China's valve products has been increasing year by year. Taken in recent years, the export situation is very good. What is even more gratifying is that China’s valve industry has successively established valve manufacturers to set up factories abroad, and some valve manufacturers have offices in foreign countries, such as offices in Singapore, the Netherlands, and Italy, and almost all valves produced are sold abroad. At present, China's valves have been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy and other countries and regions, has entered the world of the valve market stage, China's valve exports ranked 11th in the world valve export countries. However, despite the overwhelming flood of domestic valve products, Chinese companies still have no right to speak in the international valve market. Developed countries purchase extremely low-end valves from China, and then sell them to developing countries at a higher price. They are both profitable and well-behaved. Domestic companies can only play the role as workers. In recent years, China's general machinery industry has made great progress, especially in the continuous improvement of product levels such as pumps and valves, and can provide some high-end products for the market.

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