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High-lift Self Suction Pump When Used In Low-head Should Pay Attention To What Issues
- Jan 23, 2017 -

High-lift self priming pump head and suck the height has a significant relationship, and suck the height, and the impeller, pump seal clearance before transfer, separation Chamber liquid height and other factors. High head self-priming pump when used in low-head should pay attention to what issues?
High-lift self-priming pump with low head use, motor power exceeds the rated power. Because according to the characteristic curve of the pump is clear, when the pressure drops, traffic increases, power curve also rose, and the pumping efficiency decline, pump flow rate and head selection is very important, allow the pump to run in near its highest efficiency curve.
Self-priming pump head is used to overcome the height and resistance, high lift pump lift him back to work flow design flow, while working in a low-lift, equivalent to pump exports drag reduction, then increase the flow rate of the pump, the motor will overload, Super-to a certain extent it will burn motor. For example, a pump head 50 meters, flow rate 50 cubic metres per hour, when it was at the 50-meter-high water when its flow is 50 cubic meters per hour, when it is at the 40-meter-high water, its high resistance and reduced its flow could reach more than 80-90 cubic meters/hour, at this time the motor will heat or burning.