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IMI CCI 100DPC Launched Multistage Labyrinth DRAG® Wellhead Choke Valve
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Last year, IMI CCI released its leading 100 DPC multistage labyrinth DRAG® wellhead choke valve. The wellhead choke valve is located at the exit of oil field. Well production fluid is pumped out of the oil field for the first time at the wellhead. Therefore, the wellhead choke valve is almost the most severe application in the oil and gas industry. It must provide safe and controllable inlet pressure for downstream process lines and must be able to be used under the most severe liquid or operating conditions throughout the oil and gas process chain. The function of the wellhead choke valve is to safely control the flow and pressure of the well fluid for downstream process equipment.


The 100 DPC multistage labyrinth DRAG® wellhead control valve from IMI CCI belongs to our standard product range. This series of products can maximize the life of the valve and minimize the cost of the entire valve life cycle, because these products are designed according to the harsh application, with the characteristics of specific service harsh conditions. These harsh applications include:

- Erosion, vibration and noise due to high fluid flow rates;

- Blockage due to solid matter;

- Corrosion caused by acidic or other chemicals;

- Need for prevention of potentially catastrophic events.