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Introduction Of Pneumatic Soft Seal Butterfly Valve
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Pneumatic soft seal butterfly valve, composed of pneumatic actuators and butterfly valve, double eccentric flange butterfly valve compact structure, 90 ° rotary switch easy, reliable, long life, is widely used in water plants, power plants, , Chemical, catering and other systems for drainage, as the regulation and cut off the use.

Pneumatic soft seal butterfly valve Features:

1, pneumatic soft seal butterfly valve with double eccentric structure, with the more close the tightening of the sealing function, sealing performance and reliable.

2, sealed by the use of stainless steel and nitrile rubber resistant rubber pairing, long service life.

3, rubber seals can be located on the valve body, can also be located on the butterfly board, applicable to different characteristics of the media for the user to choose.

4, butterfly board with frame structure, high strength, over flow area, flow resistance is small.

5, the overall paint, can effectively prevent corrosion and as long as the replacement seal seat sealing material, can be used in different media.

6, pneumatic soft seal butterfly valve with two-way sealing function, the installation of media flow from the control, nor the impact of space position, can be installed in any direction.

7, pneumatic soft butterfly valve unique structure, flexible operation, effort and convenience.

Pneumatic butterfly valve can take full advantage of gas pressure, which is some users do not know these principles. This is for the pneumatic butterfly valve is not very understanding. Pneumatic butterfly valve The use of gas pressure can not take away some of the media is not easy to clean away. This is in favor of the pneumatic butterfly valve for the safety of the pipeline is very effective.

Pneumatic butterfly valve itself is very characteristic, but there are many undeveloped projects and not applied to the pneumatic butterfly valve. These projects are being developed. It will tighten the valve stem, resulting in a larger hysteresis. Resulting in mechanical damage, valve life shorter. Now the best way is to use water treatment dedicated butterfly valve. Special circumstances can be tilted, such as the tilt angle is very large or the valve itself is too large when the weight of the valve should be increased support. Eliminate dirt and slag. After installation, in order to ensure that no impurities remain in the valve body, the valve should also be cleaned again, that is, access to the media should make all the valve open, so as not to impurity stuck. Its system configuration and composition of flexible, with a strong ability to apply. Therefore, the pneumatic butterfly valve it can use shielded twisted pair or use cheap unshielded three-wire cable for internal communication.