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Pneumatic High Vacuum Ball Valve Has The Advantage
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Pneumatic high vacuum ball valve has the following advantages:

1, the fluid resistance is small, the ball valve is the valve in all the fluid resistance of a minimum, even the reduced diameter ball valve, the fluid resistance is quite small.

2, the ball valve switch quickly and easily, as long as the stem rotation 90 °, the ball valve to complete the full or full action, it is easy to achieve fast opening and closing.

3, ball valve sealing performance. Ball valve seat seals are generally made of PTFE and other elastic materials, easy to ensure that the seal, and the ball valve sealing force increases with the media pressure increases.

4, ball valve stem seal reliable. When the valve is open and closed when the stem is only for the rotation movement, so the stem of the packing seal is not easy to be destroyed, and the valve stem sealed sealing force increases with the media pressure increases.

5, the ball valve opening and closing only 90 ° rotation, it is easy to achieve automatic control and remote control, ball valve can be equipped with pneumatic devices, electric devices, hydraulic devices, gas-liquid linkage or electro-hydraulic linkage device.

Pneumatic high vacuum ball valve installation instructions:

1, the ball valve before and after the pipeline is ready. Front and rear pipes should be coaxial, two flange sealing surface should be parallel. Pipes should be able to withstand the weight of the ball valve, otherwise the pipe must be equipped with appropriate support.

2, the valve before and after the pipeline clean, remove the pipeline of oil, welding slag and all other impurities.

3, check the ball valve logo, identify the ball valve intact. The valve fully open all closed several times confirmed that its work is normal.

4, remove the ball valve at both ends of the connection flange on the protection.

5, check the valve hole to clear the dirt may be, and then clean the valve hole. Even if only small particles of foreign matter between the seat and the ball may damage the valve seat sealing surface.

6, the valve installed on the pipeline. Any end of the valve can be mounted on the upstream side. The valve that is driven by the handle can be mounted on any position on the pipe. But with a gear box or pneumatic drive ball valve should be installed upright, that is installed in the horizontal pipe, and the drive device is above the pipeline.

7, the valve flange and the pipeline between the flange design requirements installed on the gasket.

8, the flange on the bolt to be symmetrical, successive, uniform tightening.

9, connect the pneumatic line (when using the pneumatic drive).

10, the operation of the drive Kai, closed the ball several times, should be flexible without stagnation, confirmed that its work is normal.

11, according to the pipeline design requirements of the pipe and the ball valve between the flange surface sealing performance check