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Pressure Test Method For Analysis Of Large Diameter Flat Gate Valve
- Jan 23, 2017 -

When the hydraulic test of large diameter flat gate valve butterfly valve, usually bolted blind plate, through the pre-tightening force of bolt gasket compression seal suck star over China, in order to import and export of seal of the valve. In the presence of external pressure F0, early signs of compression in order to insert the lift check valves. Dang blind Board by within pressure Shi, signs was relax back play, signs of compression volume reduced, dang signs relax to must degree Shi appeared leak, in sealed curve Shang reflect of this is that for sealed by needed of minimum pressure tight force in production in the, spin Kai type check back valve as long as reasonable select sealed pad, in blind Board rigid meet of situation Xia sealed of minimum pressure tight force is easy meet of.
But in practice, due to lack of blind rigidity, occurs under pressure in the face of excessive excessive deformation, deformation of bolt loose, API API cast steel check valve gasket compression excessive rebound, gasket seal pressure reduction, so as to form a seal leak cause the test to fail. In order to achieve the safety and reliability of the hydraulic test, by raising the blind rigidity, excellent choice of gaskets to achieve. But for large diameter high pressure valve pressure test, unrestricted blind rigidity to improve, using high quality gaskets, would increase production cost in the implementation process is very limited.