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Sinopec Hainan Petroleum Refining And Chemical Co., Ltd. Uses PIG Technology To Clean Jet Coal Pipelines For The First Time
- Mar 22, 2018 -

A few days ago, in order to meet the quality requirements of cruising coal that Hainan Refining and Chemical Pipes Co., Ltd. transported to Hainan Oil Macun Oil Depot, Sinopec Hainan Petroleum Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. used PIG technology for the first time to clean pipelines, and achieved good results.

Since the pipeline is a new pipeline, impurities such as welding slag, sand and pressure water are stored during the implementation process. However, the conventional purging and blasting methods are difficult to meet the high quality requirements for the transportation of jet fuel, and pipeline displacement oil is also generated. Based on the in-depth investigation and research, Hainan Refining & Chemical made a careful and detailed cleaning plan, boldly adopted PIG cleaning technology, and cleared the impurities in the pipeline to ensure the quality of pipeline transportation jet coal, saving a total of 160 tons of jet coal cleaning oil. It created conditions for the smooth investment and economic operation of the new pipeline, and opened a new channel for cooperation between Hainan Refining-Hainan Oil-America.