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Sinopec Styrene Catalyst First Exported To Western Europe Market
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Recently, the Sinopec styrene catalyst produced by the Shanghai Research Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Institute) was first exported to Western Europe, applied on the 125,000 tons/year styrene plant at the Ineos Styrolution plant in Belgium. Get applied. The company is the world's leading supplier of styrene, the world's largest manufacturer of styrene monomer, polystyrene and copolymers and the second largest ABS manufacturer.

The Shanghai Institute paid high attention to the technical service of catalyst loading and device driving. It dispatched two groups of scientific research personnel to the site to provide technical services. According to the catalyst loading plan provided by the Shanghai Institute, the two sides refined the catalyst loading procedure and formulated the schedule for the loading work plan. With closed cooperation of the site management and operation personnel, the catalyst loading work was successfully completed, fully demonstrating the technical service level of the Sinopec scientific research team.

In order to ensure the success of the adoption of Sinopec's styrene catalyst plant, Shanghai Institute technicians and Ineos Styrolution technicians exchanged views on the drive plan provided by the Shanghai Institute, and conducted in-depth discussions, delicate communicated and confirmed on the various steps and specific parameters of the drive. At present, performance indicators meet or exceed the contract value under full load conditions. The catalyst's conversion rate, selectivity, reaction temperature and resistance drop of the bed are obviously better than similar foreign products, and the owners have highly recognized and fully affirmed that the device has been successfully driven once and fully demonstrates the technological development level of Sinopec.