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Soft Seal Butterfly Valve And Hard Seal Butterfly Valve Comparison
- Jul 06, 2017 -

The same time as the above-

Butterfly valve hard seal is sealed on both sides of the metal material or other materials are harder called "hard seal". This seal is poor sealing performance, but high temperature, wear resistance, good mechanical properties. The soft seal is the side of the seal on both sides of the metal material, the other side is a flexible non-metallic material called "soft seal". This seal is better sealing performance, but not high temperature, easy to wear, poor mechanical.

Soft seal seat with a certain strength, hardness and temperature performance of non-metallic materials, sealing performance, and can be made to zero leakage, but the life and temperature adaptability is relatively poor. Hard seals are made of metal, and the sealing performance is relatively poor, although there are manufacturers claiming to be zero leakage. Soft seal on a part of the corrosive material is unable to meet the technical requirements, hard seal can be resolved! These two seals can be complementary to each other, the seal is relatively soft seal is relatively good, but now the sealing of the hard seal can meet the corresponding requirements. The advantage of soft sealing is good sealing performance, the disadvantage is easy to aging, wear, short life. The hard seal has a long service life, but the seal is relatively poor compared to the soft seal.

Its structural differences are mainly the following:

1, the structure of the difference: soft seal butterfly valve mostly for the central line of hard seal for the single eccentric, double eccentric, three eccentric butterfly valve

2, temperature: soft seal for room temperature environment. Hard seal can be used for low temperature, room temperature, high temperature and other environments

3, the pressure: soft seal low pressure - atmospheric pressure, hard seal can also be used in high pressure and other conditions Pneumatic soft seal butterfly valve

4, sealing performance: soft seal and three eccentric hard seal butterfly valve sealing performance is better, three eccentric butterfly valve in high pressure and high temperature environment can maintain a good seal.

In view of the above characteristics, hard seal butterfly valve as a way to achieve the pipeline system on and off flow control components, has been in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, hydropower and other fields have been very widely used. Soft seal butterfly valve for ventilation and dust pipeline two-way opening and closing and regulation, water treatment, light industry, petroleum, chemical and other industries. Hard seal butterfly valve for heating, gas, and gas, oil, acid and alkali and other environments.