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The Importance Of Valve Maintenance
- Jan 23, 2017 -

1, operation and maintenance of the aim is to extend service life and ensure a reliable opening and closing of the valve.
2, valve stem threads, often with friction stem nut, oil-coated ROE, molybdenum disulphide or graphite powder, lubricant
3, do not frequent opening and closing of valves, also want to periodically turn the balance wheel, stem threads add lubricant to prevent biting.
4, outdoor valves, valve stem protective sleeve to prevent rain, snow, dust, rust and dirt.
5, such as valve machinery moving, add the time transmission lubricant.
6, to keep the valves cleaning.
7, valve parts to regularly check and maintain integrity. If the handwheel retaining nut off, complete, cannot make use or sharpen garden square at the top of the valve stem, gradually lost coordination reliability and cannot be started.
8, do not rely on the valve support other weights, don't stand on the valve.
9, the stem, especially threaded portion, always wipe lubricant is dirty with dust to the new, because the dust contains hard sundries, easy to wear surface of threads and stem, affecting life.