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Underwater Valve Can Be Made In Our Country, Realizes Localization, Break The Foreign Technology Monopoly
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Recently, China national offshore oil company limited company Zhanjiang branch sent a message, 2 domestic underwater ball valves used in the development project of Nanhai Wenchang gas field group have been delivered and passed the inspection. At this point, China's underwater valve successfully realized localization, broke the foreign technology monopoly. The purchasing price decreased by over 40%, greatly shortened the delivery period.

As known, underwater valve is the core equipment of underwater production system. Developed in the 1960s, the underwater production system can be combined with the floating production platform and other facilities to form different development modes of offshore oil fields. Compared with the construction of an expensive offshore oil platform, the system can significantly reduce the investment cost and the impact of natural disasters, which is very suitable for the development of deep water and marginal oil and gas fields.

Compared with the land valves, underwater valve has to be under external water pressure, motors by ROV (underwater robot) or hydraulic drive, has higher request to the impermeability and corrosion resistance etc. A few abroad valves companies have the technology and market. China was still in the stage of development.

During localization, engineering professionals of the underwater valve co., LTD. Zhanjiang Wenchang project team and CNOOC fully recognized quality risk points, overcome the difficult, and fully controled the process of design, materials, manufacture and test. They together with the manufacturer successfully solved the difficulties of the anticorrosive, underwater submarine external pressure and underwater actuators and reliability etc. They produced prototypes, and passed the test of the American petroleum institute (API) performance, service life and high pressure tank, formed a set of localization of underwater valveā€™s design, material selection, processing, manufacturing and test procedures.