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Valve Industry Will Usher In Improved Opportunity Of Clean Energy Development
- Jan 23, 2017 -

In the context of strategy for implementation of the principle of free trade, energy companies find their way overseas investment in China increased for Chinese energy companies and countries along the way to create a better climate. Along the way there are a number of important energy producers, such as Russia and the five countries of Central Asia, Mongolia, and along the way the country's oil and gas reserves are relatively abundant. However, India, Burma, more than half of the population have no access to electricity, therefore, Chinese companies can build power plants, oil and gas pipeline that would drive the ball valve, globe valve and so on large number of valve products, power stations and oil and gas pipeline will be built and they form a complementary energy.
At present, the onshore natural gas import routes for the China-Central Asia natural gas pipeline and Sino-Myanmar gas pipeline. LNG imports by sea route and crude oil are the same. ABC line has been completed and ventilation, d line commissioned in 2016. D after the completion of the China-Central Asia natural gas pipeline will be the largest gas transmission system in the Central Asian region, total gas scale 85 billion per year. At present, the Sino-Russian Eastern gas pipeline under construction, in Russian and Western gas pipeline was still under negotiation. At present, the downturn in international oil prices, Russia economy is facing great difficulties, need large amounts of money through, is the best time to sign a long-term gas supply agreement. Required to implement the Sino-Russian East line gas supply agreement, intensify Sino-Russian Western gas pipeline negotiation process.