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Yongjia: Promote The Industrial Transformation And Upgrading Of The Pump & Valve Industry
- May 25, 2018 -

Since the beginning of this year, Yongjia has closely followed the requirements of high-quality development, accelerated the development of the two industries, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries as well as the cultivation of new kinetic energy. The focus is on industrial platform construction to boost the development of traditional industries. First, relying on the NB-IoT Intelligent Pump Valve Industry Alliance and the Joint Innovation Laboratory to speed up the integration of the valve and valve industry, and build a chip sensor - intelligent hardware - software platform - industry. The full-link pump valve industry chain is applied to promote the new mode of smart manufacturing application in the pump valve industry. The second is to promote the construction of the cloud platform and accelerate the establishment of a smart manufacturing public service platform and remote monitoring and control public service platform for pump valves.

Up to now, Yongjia has had 1800 Shangyun companies, cultivated 3 cloud platform service providers, and 3 industry cloud application platforms, and ranked the first echelon in each county (city, district, functional area) with the development level of regional integration. (In four echelons), the rate of financial information construction for key enterprises was over 79.13%, the application rate of CAD design system was 63.30%, and the on-line rate of core management systems such as ERP reached 37.55%.

Next step, Yongjia will further promote the integration of the two industries, accelerate the construction of Boteli Group's “transparency workshop” and other projects, and give full play to the exemplary role of the leading enterprises, and promote the development of the company by means of points and lines, and promote county pump industry industrial transformation and upgrading.